Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Reading: What’s on your list?

I love summertime.

And summer reading.

This summer, I have some extra reading on my list. Since I will be teaching full time at Spring Hill Christian Academy next fall, I’m pouring over the teacher’s editions for an English class, American history class, and three computer classes.

Today, I read about the Lost Colony and the one, cryptic clue left concerning the fate of those first settlers; the Plymouth Pilgrims and Mayflower Compact; and don't forget Pocahontas and Squanto. 

Who says history is boring?

Aside from “required reading,” I'm also chipping away at the list below. My goal is to finish by August. 
  • C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy (fiction/fantasy)
  • Jen Hatmaker’s Seven (devotional) – If you're interested, check out my review.
  • Dani Pettrey’s Shattered (fiction/suspense) – This is the sequel to Submerged, which I reviewed back in January.
  • Chris Guillibeau’s $100 Startup (business) – Read his book The Art of Non-Conformity first. He is a secular author with some practical, brilliant ideas. 
  • Elisabeth Elliot’s Keep a Quiet Heart (devotional) – I’ve read it twice, but it’s just that good.
  • Another book or two from Dee Henderson’s O’Malley Series (fiction/suspense)
I’m half way through the list, and once I’m done, I’ll be able to add more.

What does your summer reading list look like? What “must reads” would you recommend?


  1. I'm doing a lot of fun reading this summer. The ODD THOMAS series of books by Koontz, books of Brad Meltzer and a good chunk of Christian fiction.

  2. What Christian fiction are you reading?

  3. your second book :)
    the book of jotham
    a pius man
    to start...

  4. Nice! I'm excited to hear you've picked up book 2. Hope you enjoy it. :)