Helpful Links

Can’t remember when to use affect versus effect? Check out Grammar Girl’s website.

The Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab)

Another great resource for writers looking to check their grammar is The Purdue OWL, which offers over 200 free writing resources.
It’s like having Webster at your fingertips without having to turn a page.


Whether you want a packaged plan or a customized do-it-yourself publishing option, CreateSpace offers flexible solutions to help make your self-publishing dream a reality. A statistic shows that in 2011, CreateSpace claimed the top spot for self-published print media at 58,412 titles. Clearly, they are doing something right.
If you’re looking to self-publish a Christian book, Xulon Press offers several package options to work with your budget. I would recommend Xulon for those looking to self-publish for the first time, because they guide you through each step of the process.
Your family and friends have told you your book is awesome, but you want a professional opinion. Writer’s Edge will review an excerpt of your book (for a fee). If they think your book has publishing potential, they’ll post a summary of your book for approximately 70 editors for (royalty) Christian publishers to view; if not, they will provide you with constructive feedback.
Want to self-promote your book without spending a dime? Write your own press release and distribute it with this free press release service option.

U.S. Copyright Office

If the self-publishing service you use doesn't copyright your work for you, you will want to register the claim yourself. You have the option to submit the form electronically or in the mail. (I recommend the electronic submission since the fee is less.) Regardless of which submission option you choose, you must still mail in two copies of your published literary work.


If you have questions about how to handle taxes on your self-published work, you might find this website helpful.

This website provides what they call a "Complete Guide to Publishing Your Own Book" which provides a good overview of what can be involved in self-publishing.