Thursday, January 3, 2013

Submerged by Dani Pettrey - Book Review

If you enjoy Dee Henderson’s books, you will love Dani Pettrey’s first book in her new romantic suspense series called Alaskan Courage.


In Submerged, Pettrey introduces you to Bailey Craig, a woman with a past she has tried to forget, and Cole McKennna, the man who loved her before she broke his heart.

When her aunt’s tragic death forces her to return to Yancey, Alaska, Bailey wants to settle the estate quickly and make her stay as short as possible. She dreads facing the people she fears will only remember her as the teenager the boys nicknamed “Easy Bay Lay”– not the new woman she is in Christ.

But was her aunt’s plane crash really an accident? And is there connection between the photo of a missing Russian icon and the deaths of two deep-water divers? Bailey reluctantly agrees to assist in the investigation, only to find herself increasingly drawn to the man she feels unworthy to love and into the path of a ruthless killer.


Pettrey combines a story of second chances with a page-turning mystery you won’t want to put down. Her vivid imagery and descriptions make you feel as though you are living the adventure along with her characters.

Speaking of characters, they are believable and lovable. Your heart aches for Bailey and the mistakes she’s made. You respect and admire Cole for raising his younger siblings after their parents’ deaths. Even though this story focuses on Bailey and Cole, Pettrey begins to develop the personalities of Cole’s younger siblings, so that by the end of book one, you’re eager to read more about them.

And Pettrey is happy to deliver. Book two Shattered is scheduled for release in February.

Learn more by visiting Pettrey’s fabulous website.

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  1. Dani Pettrey is a wonderful creative Christian author! I highly recommend this book!