Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just Add Glitter

With just a little over a month to go, Team Nicaragua met this afternoon to share craft and Vacation Bible School lessons. The lessons will involve quite a bit of improv from team members to help act out the story presented by the narrator. Noah's Ark will be quite creative - with team members volunteering to dress up as everything from monkeys to elephants.

Each story will be accompanied by a craft, and our supplies must work for up to 200 children! The moral of the story? Keep it simple, and oh, just add glitter. By the end of the meeting, several team members were already covered in glitter from illustrating their crafts, so I can only imagine what we are going to look like in Nicaragua.

On a more serious note, we also reviewed our discipleship lesson material, which will focus on the character of the Christian.

The countdown has begun. My team and I covet your prayers as we prepare for this exciting adventure.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Follow Me to Nicaragua

In just a little over a month, I will be traveling to Nicaragua with a group from Spring Hill Baptist Church and Clearwater Community Church through Chosen Children's Ministries. My passport is in hand, so now I am brushing up my Spanish and starting a list of things to bring.

Follow me over the next month as I prepare for the journey! You are welcome to share any ideas and tips you have on traveling and missions trips. I am excited to see how God is going to work through my team and me - and ultimately grow us closer to Him.