Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Myth #2: Some writers are immune to writer’s block

Writing, like any other job, has its tough spots, and we diagnose this ailment as writer’s block. No writer – I repeat, not one– is invulnerable.

I dearly love my friends who cheer me on in my writing and are kind enough to check in on me every once in a while to make sure I’m still breathing – like one of my friends who engaged me in the following texting conversation the other week.

Friend: Hey girl, how is the book coming?

Me: A little slow today… trying to work out some plot details and

feeling a bit distracted.

Friend: Is everything ok?

Me: Yeah, it may be a slight case of writer’s block, but I’m forcing myself to just write anyway. That usually helps me through it.

Friend: Does this happen to you a lot?

Me: Not too often… No writer is immune, though. I wish!

If a writer tells you he's having a rough day, don’t ask why. It just happens. The wise person knows to give his writing friend a brownie and a hug – and then shoo him back to his desk to get back to work.

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