Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I quit my day job to be a writer

Sort of.

I’ve always wanted to say that, so now that I have, let me tell you the story.

After working six years in catalog and product development, I parted ways with my full-time job while staying on as a freelance contributor. As a result, I have more time to dedicate to Wings of the Dawn, Book 3.

However, I didn’t quit my day job to be only a writer (although being only a writer would be a most admirable occupation).

I am also pursuing my interest in becoming a teacher, so I am taking an education class and am now the substitute teacher known as “Miss H” (because “Hogrefe” is a mouthful to learn in one day). Side note: Substitute teaching is opening a brave new world of anecdotes and character sketches that you, my dear reader, will be able to enjoy right along with me.

The reason I share my new adventure with you is simply this: I know there are others who have interests and dreams they are perhaps too afraid to develop – because quite frankly, failure isn’t fun. (If you need the failure pep talk, re-read my post on Failure: Friend Not Foe.)
And yes, anytime you start something new, you are bound to face challenges. My classroom management textbook states that the top goal of first year teachers is survival.

Not success. Not strategies for student development.

Survival. Ouch.
I have two brothers, so I have seen almost every John Wayne movie imaginable. Though I don’t remember half of them, I like something this movie actor and director once said.

“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.”
In other words, “saddle up” even though you don’t know where the horse is going to take you.

That’s where the adventure begins.

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