Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stick to Your Goals: Don't Let Go!

A couple weeks ago, I was driving to church Sunday morning when, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something on my side mirror.

I glanced to the left to see a tree frog holding on for dear life. His flattened body was suctioned to the glass. Every time he tried to move, his tiny legs would flap in the wind; he quickly learned that if he wanted to survive, he couldn’t let go.

Unfortunately for me (and my irrational fear of tree frogs), he didn’t let go – even after I had parked my car. Instead, he hopped from my side mirror onto my window and refused to budge. Likely, he was too exhausted to hop off my car and decided that my side window was an inviting place to rest. However, in my mind, his position implied that the minute I opened my door, he was coming inside. So, I resorted to crawling out the passenger side to avoid him. I know... You’re probably thinking, "That’s ridiculous." Laugh if you like.

Despite my dislike – and apparent distrust – of tree frogs, this one demonstrated a quality that all of us would do well to imitate: perseverance. How many of us want to “let go” and give up when hurdles and challenges stand between us and our goals?

The temptation to throw in the towel can grow stronger when roadblocks arise, but we have to resist the urge to quit. Do you want to be an author? Don’t give up if no one seems interested in what you have to say. Reevaluate and accept constructive criticism, but don’t toss your dream aside in frustration.

Do you want to self-publish? Don’t let the process overwhelm you. Yes, you will probably encounter set-backs. Right now, I’m working through what I hope to be the last typesetting and formatting issues with the interior of my second book. The waiting and constant need to check and double check edits can be frustrating, but I know the end is in sight. I just have to hold tight, do the next right thing, and keep sight of the finish line.

Whatever your goals are, don’t let go of them. Stick to them, and one day, you will reap the rewards and satisfaction of reaching your destination.

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