Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blogging with a Thesis

To be honest, I started this blog last year because I was self-publishing my first book, and after all, every author should have a blog, right?
I have since discovered that a blog just to have a blog is not a purpose in and of itself. A blog needs to have a focus, a thesis. I am apologizing that up until now, mine has been a little helter-skelter.
Live and learn. I think that through trial and error, I have uncovered my thesis.
Why do I want to blog? Well first, and selfishly, I want people to find and read my book. Authors, unless you’re the poet Emily Dickinson, want to promote what they have invested so much time and commitment into producing.
The bigger picture of why I want to blog is to tell other self-starting writers that it is possible to self-publish your book. Self-publishing is truly its own story and its own adventure. It is also a discipline. Every writer has to start somewhere, and self-starting writers need accountability. I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine.  
So here is my thesis, this blog’s statement of purpose, if you will: to share the challenges, adventure and achievability of self-publishing.
Ultimately, every writer has to have a purpose, a reason for writing. Mine is simple. I want everything I write to define who I am – a follower of Christ. I don’t want to be didactic or preachy. I just want to tell His story. In my fictional book Wings of the Dawn, Book 1, Captive Beneath the Bahamian Sky, I do this through believable characters who experience the mixed joys, failures and challenges of life, who learn that the only place to find satisfaction is in Christ alone.
So there you have my blog’s purpose and my motivation in a nutshell.  Here’s to a future of purpose-driven blogging. I hope the following posts will challenge and encourage other self-starting writers who aspire to be authors.

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